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Installer VISE 3.7

Installer VISE is software for creating Setup programs
3.7 (See all)

Installer VISE is software for creating Setup programs. These programs can be compressed and segmented, thus saving space on your computer. For the purpose of floppy disk installs, the programs are also compressed and segmented. You may also create set up programs that install uncompressed files from CD ROMs.

The interface is fully graphical so there is no need of scripting. Installer VISE provides graphical interface with which you can build a master installation set on CD ROM or Internet distribution. You also have the option to create executable files that can be uploaded on the Internet or on a File Server.

A good feature of Installer VISE 3.7 is that this program does not require any programming skills for writing installation scripts, and that means that there is no need of custom code.

The compression and decompression engine of the program is extremely efficient in storing and retrieving data. By doing so, it not only saves disk space but also speeds up installations because the amount of data that must be read from the distributing media is reduced. You can also do all operations on folders, e.g. find, move, delete, rename, etc.

The programs created by Installer VISE can run on all versions of Windows. Installer VISE is distributed as a shareware program. You can subscribe for one year for 295$.

Review summary


  • No need for custom code


  • Shareware, a little expensive
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